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Just follow these 11 steps to add your company/brand to the awesome mound of still-borns and corpses that litter the Indian market-scape over the last 15 years.

  1. Do not 'read the market right'. Your global experience will stand you in good stead.

  2. Don't bother to fathom the reasons for failure of a host of international brands
    (including biggies and heavy weights)

  3. Use per capita consumption to assess potential.

  4. Over-estimate the strength of your brand.

  5. Don't bother to figure out the complex distribution set-up in India.

  6. Rely on Government and Official Statistics.

  7. Assume that internationally successful brands will automatically succeed in India.

  8. Evolve a strategy built on the premise that Indian consumers are ready to pay more for a high-quality product.

  9. Focus on a few niche segments and higher price points.

  10. Make your products available in the same pack sizes as are available in affluent markets.

  11. Under-estimate the strength of local players, home grown brands.